Tesla BioHealing products are FDA Registered over-the-counter medical devices aimed at addressing pain and inflammation in individuals who have suffered from stroke paralysis, dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancers, diabetic neuropathy and rare diseases. The Life Force Energy generated by these devices has been proven to help with these ailments and more. Every person’s experience with the Tesla Biohealing devices has been a different. One thing remains the same is everyone who has experienced being close to these devices is a state of calmness. Our bodies produce Life Force Energy continuously, but the level of concentration available in every day environments is not enough to offer our cells the optimal level of support we need as we age or when we become ill or injured. When that state happens in our bodies we are not getting enough life force. Once a person is within this potent field of Life Force Energy, the body will absorb this vital energy as it’s needed. Our body’s innate intelligence will prioritize what to do with this new level of Life Force Energy available. Your body is the healer, these devices are simply offering more of what the cells’ own healing capacities need in order to carry out their best work.

What our Office Offers with the BioHealing
One Hour Session - $60.00
25% OFF - 5 - One Hour Session - $225
30% OFF - 10 - One Hour Session - $420

We have found the use of the BioHealing devices along with one of our modalities has offered a more enhanced experience. These treatments include Chiropractic (30 minute session following treatment), Massage, Raindrop Technique, IET, Reiki, or Aromadome that we offer in our office. The cost would be an additional $20 on top of the specific treatment cost.

After you can feel what a difference the Tesla Biohealing devices can offer for your health and well being you have the option to purchase so you can use it in the comfort of your own home. These devices work the best for long term use for more acute issues. One session may give some relief, but more time with the devices may be necessary. For more information check out their website. If you are interested in purchasing any Tesla Products please use this link to order.